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The High Park Project is a Music School funded through textile recycling - Rags To Rhythms

Sowing the Seeds of a Musical Future!
The High Park Community Project seeks to regenerate music-making in Wiveliscombe and local rural villages, offering children the opportunity to learn in a group. Cost is kept to £2 per session which includes the provision of a wind instrument. We aim to inspire a love of music and nurture individual creativity. This project is sustained by income generated through textile recycling gathered from the local community, a stand alone enterprise inspired by Hilary Wickham and Louise Toomer. There are now 30 children engaged in regular musical learning and performance within the project.
Please contact via their facebook page

Dear Cast members of the Sound of Music

The hills ARE alive with the sound of Music.... and the show WILL go on!

‘The sound of music’ will continue with the same dates just a different venue. We are relocating to

The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Monkton Heathfield, Taunton

And we have been very fortunate that the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre has been able to accommodate us in our hour of need.

We truly value all the public support and our audience - we cannot expect anyone to pay for another ticket

so all pre booked tickets will be honoured.

 The Committee would like to just say THANK YOU for your patience it must have been hard for you all and I am sure you will have had many friends and family asking what is happening with the show and their tickets.

Please can we ask you to pass on the following and thank you again for your ongoing support.

 We are also looking for hands on support due to the change of venue we will need front of house and black gang so if you know of any willing volunteer please let us know.

 We truly value all the public support and our audience - we cannot expect anyone to pay for another ticket so all pre booked tickets will be honoured.

So what do I do now, I hear you cry?

Please follow the below which applies to you:

I have pre booked tickets via the TAOS priority booking system


– TAOS already have a record of your purchase and you will be contacted shortly. Your tickets will be arranged and sent to you soon.

I have pre booked tickets via the Brewhouse Box office or the Taunton Library

Between the 4th and 15th of March TAOS would like to invite you to swap your ticket. Please take your Brewhouse ticket or proof of purchase to the Tacchi-Morris Art Centre box office. This will be on a like for like basis and we will do our very best to match seat location where possible.

I do not have a ticket but would like to buy one.

Tickets will go back on sale to the general public on the 18th March via the Tacchi-Morris Box office. 

Box Office Number: 01823 414141


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